Wednesday, May 2

Who cares about Amy Winehouse When...

SPIDER-MAN is back to black?!?

Spider-man- SPIDERMAN
No One's Got A Crush On Peter- SPIDERMAN
update: Spider-man Theme -
Michael Buble

extra bonus: Spider-man: The Man Behind the Legend


gobias said...

Tha mporousa na ziso kai xoris na exo dei ton man behind (under?) the legend.
They tried to make him go to Raimi-hab but he said no no no...

CC said...

you were right...ears are bleeding!

steliott said...

είναι και άλλο ένα, το ψάχνω μήνες..
μια lounge μπάντα που θα μπορούσε να είναι και boyband τραγουδάει spidermaaaaaaaaaaaaaan - spiderman..

παραλίγο να ήταν το πρώτο..

Dust Road said...


des to update tou post. mipos einai afto?

steliott said...

thank u very much..

episis, poio website sou dinei auto to play/stop button.

i d like to copy that :)

Dust Road said...

so simple!